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ICOSAHOM 2020 will feature the following minisymposia, whose topics and speakers have been selected by the minisymposium organizers.

MS01(Oeffner, Ranocha)

stable and efficient time integration schemes for conservation laws and related models

MS02( Yamaleev)

advances in high-order nonlinearly stable methods

MS03(Paganini, Sturm)

high-order methods in shape optimization

MS04(Canuto, Verani)

high order methods on polyhedral meshes

MS05(Jiang, Qiu)

high order structure preserving numerical methods and applications

MS06(Hong, Nicholls)

high-order spectral methods for plasmonics and optics

MS07(Chen, Liu)

numerical methods for complex PDE systems with applications

MS08(Li, Cai, Hu, Wang)

high resolution methods for complex system and related applications

MS09(Del Rey Fernandez, Parsani, Carpenter)

Next generation numerical methods: Advances in discretizations with the summation-by-parts property

MS10(Cai, Wang)

high order methods for nonlinear waves

MS11(Ma, Wang, Yi)

efficient spectral/hp-methods in time and space

MS12(Winters, Gassner, Kopriva)

beyond entropy stable high-order methods: what's next?

MS13(Li, Zhang)

spectral and spectral element methods for singular problems

MS14(Chen, Zhong)

high order methods: design and analysis

MS15(Horvath, Abedi)

recent developments in high-order methods for time-dependent problems

MS16(Fu, Kreiss, May)

cut-DG methods for hyperbolic problems

MS17(Shen, Xu)

Efficient spectral methods for fractional differential equations


Advancing Adaptive High Order Methods for Robustness

MS19(Kanschat, Koecher, Zank)

efficient frameworks and implementations for multiphysics problems

MS20(Dong, Mascotto)

p- and hp-Galerkin methods and approximation of singularities

MS21(Yan, Li)

Modeling, analysis, numerical methods, and applications for interface problems

MS22(Marcati, Rakhuba, Schwab)

high order, tensor-structured methods and low rank approximation


High Oder Mimetic Differences and Applications

MS24(Herrero, Curbelo)

Advances in high order methods for fluid dynamic

MS25(Wan, Yu)

Efficient Spectral and High-Order Methods for High-Dimensional Applications

MS26(Pazner, Persson, Zahr)

Fluid Applications of High-Order Finite Element Methods

MS27(Croisille, Ditkowski, Fishelov)

High order schemes for time dependent problems: embedded boundaries, block finite differences, fluid dynamics, convergence analysis

MS28(Hangelbroek, Rieger)

High Order Kernel Methods for PDEs

MS29(Chaumont-Frelet, Ern, Lemaire)

High-order face-based discretization methods

MS30(Breuer, Heinecke)

Minimizing Time-to-Solution: Efficient High Order Methods Meet HPC


Deep Numerical Analysis and Optimization for PDEs

MS32(Moxey, Roca, Ruiz-Girones, Peiro)

Recent advances in high-order mesh generation

MS33(Cantwell, Moxey)

Software tools for high-order methods

MS34(Kolev, Min)

Exascale Algorithms and Software for High Order PDE Solvers

MS35(Fischer, Mi Sun Min)

Exascale Applications with High Order PDE Solvers

MS36(Barsukow, Klingenberg)

High order multi-dimensional structure preserving methods

MS37(Gillman, Kloeckner)

fast and high order solution techniques for boundary integral equations

MS38(Bonizzoni, Rozza)

Adaptive and high-order approximation based on Reduced Order Methods

MS39(Banz, Schroeder)

Algorithmic aspects and applications of p- and hp-methods

MS40(Casenave, Haasdonk, Ryckelynck)

complexity reduction methods

MS41(Appeloe, Banks)

advanced numerical methods for electromagnetic problems

MS42(Fortunato, Martinsson)

fast direct solvers for spectral methods

MS43(Chun, Jung)

High Order Methods in Medical Applications

MS44(Bruno, Steinbach)

fast solvers for wave problems

MS45(Boerm, Melenk, Sauter)

non-local operators for scattering problems: analysis and low-rank approximation