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ICOSAHOM 2021 will feature the following minisymposia.

The topics and speakers have been selected by the minisymposium organizers.

MS01: Oeffner, Ranocha: stable and efficient time integration schemes for conservation laws and related models
MS02: Yamaleev: advances in high-order nonlinearly stable methods
MS03: Paganini, Sturm: Shape and topology optimization
MS04: Canuto, Verani: high order methods on polyhedral meshes
MS05: Jiang, Qiu high order structure preserving numerical methods and applications
MS06: Hong, Nicholls: high-order spectral methods for plasmonics and optics
MS07: Del Rey Fernandez, Parsani, Carpenter: Next generation numerical methods: Advances in discretizations with the summation-by-parts property
MS08: Cai, Wang: high order methods for nonlinear waves
MS09: Lui space-time spectral methods and their fast solvers
MS10: Chen, Zhong: high order methods: design and analysis
MS11: Horvath, Abedi: recent developments in high-order methods for time-dependent problems
MS12: Fu, Kreiss, May: cut-DG methods for hyperbolic problems
MS13: Mavriplis: Advancing Adaptive High Order Methods for Robustness
MS14: Kanschat, Koecher, Zank: efficient frameworks and implementations for multiphysics problems
MS15: Dong, Mascotto: p- and hp-Galerkin methods and approximation of singularities
MS16: Marcati, Rakhuba, Schwab: high order, tensor-structured methods and low rank approximation
MS17: Castillo: High Oder Mimetic Differences and Applications
MS18: Herrero, Curbelo: Advances in high order methods for fluid dynamic
MS19: Wan, Yu: Efficient Spectral and High-Order Methods for High-Dimensional Applications
MS20: Pazner, Persson, Zahr: Fluid Applications of High-Order Finite Element Methods
MS21: Croisille, Ditkowski, Fishelov: High order schemes for time dependent problems: embedded boundaries, block finite differences, fluid dynamics, convergence analysis
MS22: Chaumont-Frelet, Ern, Lemaire: High-order face-based discretization methods
MS24: Moxey, Roca, Ruiz-Girones, Peiro: Recent advances in high-order mesh generation
MS25: Cantwell, Moxey: Software for high-order methods
MS26: Barsukow, Klingenberg: High order multi-dimensional structure preserving methods
MS27: Gillman, Kloeckner: fast and high order solution techniques for boundary integral equations
MS28: Bonizzoni, Rozza: Adaptive and high-order approximation based on Reduced Order Methods
MS29: Banz, Schroeder: Algorithmic aspects and applications of p- and hp-methods
MS30: Appeloe, Banks: advanced numerical methods for electromagnetic problems
MS31: Fortunato, Martinsson: fast direct solvers for spectral methods
MS32: Chun, Jung: High Order Methods in Medical Applications
MS33: Bruno, Steinbach: fast solvers for wave problems
MS34: Boerm, Melenk, Sauter: non-local operators for scattering problems: analysis and low-rank approximation